Musica Viva NY Outreach

Musica Viva NY is a chamber choir of thirty professionals and highly skilled volunteers. Since its founding in 1977, Musica Viva NY shared the power of choral and instrumental music with audiences in New York City and beyond. In 2001 the Heart & Soul Charitable Fund partnered with Musica Viva NY to connect classical music and artists with children who have limited access to Music, by partnering with schools, libraries and other public places. 

Musica Viva outreach sends musicians out to visit children in their own class environment – to talk, demonstrate and perform. The children also perform for their visitors, so the music flows both ways. Students also attend rehearsals in the concert hall, to hear live concert music. The children see the hard work and enthusiasm of the musicians, and they hear live music on a scale experienced only in the concert hall. 

Outreach events are made possible by funding from Heart & Soul and its creative leadership.