Musica Viva

In 2001 the Heart & Soul Charitable Fund saw in Musica Viva an opportunity to bring classical music and artists into the heart of communities beyond its immediate reach, to children who have limited chances to interact with the performers who make the music come to life.

Musica Viva outreach works in several ways. First, it sends musicians out to visit school children in their own class environment - to talk, demonstrate and perform; to awaken their curiosity and actively engage them. This kind of contact addresses those "…segments of the New York area community who are living in marginalized situations…" by breaking down the barriers of marginalization. The children also get to turn the tables and perform for their visitors, so the music flows both ways. Another direction of outreach is to bring young students out of their neighborhood schools to rehearsals in the concert hall itself, to hear live concert music, with orchestra, chorus and vocal and instrumental soloists in the potential mix. In a world where concert ticket prices are often far beyond the reach of children in lower-income communities, this is a priceless gift with many possible positive consequences. The children see the hard work and enthusiasm of the musicians, and they hear live music on a scale experienced only in the concert hall. Finally, this outreach breaks down the walls of marginalization through social interaction with other children who happen to have the privilege of being part of a performance. In a world of economic and cultural barriers, when children's worlds connect there is no better way to show a path to a future where such barriers can be broken down.

This is Musica Viva in action, through outreach events are made possible by funding from Heart & Soul and its creative leadership.

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