Meal Programs

Volunteers prepare a meal

The Heart & Soul Charitable Fund provides funding to two outstanding meal programs feeding over 26,000 meals a year:

Monday Night Hospitality has been offering a sit down dinner for over three decades. We now serve an average of 300 guests every Monday evening (including holidays) nearly triple the guests prior to September 11 and more than any other local church or institution on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

The meal is a full course dinner. Continuous coffee and tea service is provided and guests are served at their seats.  We are able to serve a fabulous white table cloth meal for under $5.00 a person!

Every Monday 50 to 60 volunteers share in an event that celebrates our ability to provide fresh food, companionship, understanding and love.  The meal and the time donated by our volunteers are offered to people regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or religion.  No one is turned away and all are treated with dignity and respect.  The meal is part of the goal of making our guests feel special in a city where those in need so often are ignored. Thanks to support from Outreach Information Services, we are also able to provide access to a social worker, health screenings and mediation - as well as some supplemental funding to offset rising costs. OIS also helps facilitate fundraising for capital improvements including new chairs, refrigeration and other kitchen infrastructure. See more on the relevant tab.

Despite the strong volunteer participation, cost of food ingredients and related costs associated with the program (security, rent) continue to rise. Heart & Soul is the primary source of funds for this program, but other organizations including OIS and corporate donors also provide funding to help keep our neighbors fed.

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Each Friday, for more than 35 years, 52 Fridays a year, the All Souls Friday Soup Kitchen provides meals to hungry people who live in the community.

  • Most of the people who come to Friday Soup are not homeless.  They can afford to pay rent, but can't always afford food especially towards the end of the month when Social Security funds have been depleted.
  • Many have been coming for more than 15 years, building a strong sense of community
  • Friday Soup relies on between 40 to 50 volunteers each week to set tables, prepare lunch and serve guests.  People of all ages from countless schools, summer camps, mission groups and companies come to volunteer.  All volunteers benefit from the experience just as much if not more than our guests do.
  • Everyone - from kids to adults, learns that community service can and should be an important part of our daily lives
  • Your generosity will help Friday Soup continue to serve lunch to more than 250 people every Friday

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