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Heart & Soul Charitable Fund

The Heart & Soul Charitable Fund is a voluntary organization dedicated to providing grants to programs that impact lives of underprivileged or needy (children, youth and elderly) in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and more generally, New York City

The Fund is able to provide grants as a result of the fund-raising efforts of our Board and our volunteers.  Each year the total amount available for grants is limited to the monies raised from Live & Silent Auctions and other Heart & Soul fundraising events.


Funding Guidelines and Application Process

Grantmaking is limited to organizations in the New York City Region. Heart & Soul support programs in two categories 1) Need (necessity arising from the circumstances of a situation or case) and 2) Concept (the approach to address social needs to increase awareness) e.g. leaders and organizations that are working to reduce poverty and injustice and to promote democratic values, free expression and human achievement. When making grants, we think about long-term strategies, knowing that lasting social change requires decades of effort. And because our mission is broad and our resources are limited, we carefully target our support so it can be used most effectively and leverage the greatest amount of impact.

Programs must have a full-time Executive Director and a budget under $1,500,000.  Support is generally provided to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service Code.

The Heart & Soul Charitable Fund operates its grantmaking program with a sole staff member who supports the work of an all-volunteer board.


Application Process

Electronic applications are required.  Preference is given to applications that demonstrate specific accomplishments that can be made as a result of Heart & Soul funding and show how volunteers from the project can partner with Heart & Soul to encourage financial donations and volunteer participation to achieve program goals.

If you are interested in applying for a Heart & Soul grant, and your organization meets the described guidelines and you believe the project does align with Heart & Soul priorities and funding strategies click the following links for our Executive Summary and Checklist.  Applications are considered between August 1 and December 1.

You will be asked to describe your work and who are the beneficiaries and the following basic information.

  • Organization Name
  • Contact person, email and telephone number
  • Address
  • Amount requested
  • Brief organizational background including history, purpose and accomplishments
  • Description of the proposed project, including the constituency being served, the problem being addressed and the anticipated results.


Recent partner organizations have included:

All Souls Extension Programs:

External Outreach Programs:

  • Friday Soup Kitchen
  • Girl Scout Troops in East Harlem
  • Monday Night Hospitality
  • Musica Viva
  • Navigators
  • New Amsterdam Boys & Girls Choir
  • Outreach Information Services
  • Health Advocates for Older People
  • Search & Care
  • Steven Gaynor Community Learning Center
  • Streetwise Partners
  • Tada
  • Time In
  • Youth Services Opportunity


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