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  • Warren Yeh describes the Grants Process - A Model for Responsive and Responsible Giving

Warren Yeh describes the Grants Process - A Model for Responsive and Responsible Giving

Friday, March 16, 2007

Warren Yeh, Chairman of the Heart & Soul Grants Committee, oversees the rigorous process that is followed by the committee before making grant proposals to the board for their consideration and approval.  Each member of the Grants Committee assumes responsibility for one or more non-profit programs making a request for financial support from the Heart & Soul Charitable Fund.  The process of evaluation they follow is rigidly prescribed around four factors each of which can be awarded a score from 0-5 points.  The four factors are:  1.  Does the program serve the underprivileged or needy?  Does it enhance the worth and dignity of humanity and is it tolerant and open-minded in its scope?  2.  Does the program need help funding itself and is its annual budget less than $1.5 million?  3.  Is the program run efficiently, providing the highest level of service given their level of resource?  If applicable, how has the program changed since its last review?  4.  Does the program serve the neighborhood, in particular Manhattan's Upper East Side and more generally New York City?  After this evaluation, if the Grants Committee is inclined to consider funding for a new program the principals of the program requesting funding are invited to make a 30 minute presentation to the Grants Committee.  Only after this process does the Grants Committee consider proposing the program for funding to the Heart & Soul Charitable Fund's board of directors.  This is a very rigorous process and a model for responsive and responsible giving.

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