Heart & Soul Annual Report

Friday, April 13, 2007

Heart & Soul Charitable Fund, Inc. Annual Report

April 14, 2007

As we celebrate the success of our 18th annual and most successful Auction, it's a fitting time to express thanks to all who have worked so diligently to bring the Heart & Soul Charitable Fund to this point.

Stephen Lash, one of our founders, and our Auctioneer Extraordinaire, was honored at the Auction in February for his inspirational efforts through the years.  We are so grateful to Christie's for hosting our auction, and for inviting us to return in 2008.  Chris Goodwin, another founder, returned to the Board as Treasurer for a year.  Tom Reece and Greg Slamowitz served with distinction as the Co-Chairs for Auction 2007.  Kerianne Flynn, in her remarkable first year on the board, led our Benefits Committee and increased corporate and individual giving substantially.

Mark Leeds provided a home for our office at Greenberg Traurig, and enthusiastically introduced many new supporters to the Fund.  Mary-Ella Holst, another founder, and architect of the first Grants Committee, joined the board, suggesting forward-thinking goals to sustain the future.  Jeff Friedlander, as Vice President, provided sound perspectives for policy decisions.  Sandy Reece fulfilled the role of Secretary with distinction and served on the Grants Committee.  Camille Gladston helped reach new volunteers and supporters by funding our brochure and representing the Fund at Sunday tables.  Anne Bradley and Deborah Buresh Jackson, past Auction Chairs and Honorees, chose to step down now that we've added talented and dedicated new board members with diverse talent.  Their work over many years is sincerely appreciated.

All Souls Ministers, Forrest Church, Galen Guengerich, and Cheryl Walker provided wise advice, thoughtful reassurance, and introductions to new supporters.  Melany Mashburn has brought many new people into Heart & Soul.  Annie Gorycki's administrative involvement with major outreach programs assures efficient operations.

We commend all of the members of the Grants Committee let by Warren Yeh along with members Christina Bellamy, Ann Chao, Jon Friedland, Christine Goodwin, Mitchel Gray, Sandy Reece, and Shaiza Rizavi.  Their review of grant proposals and objective, clear decisions about awards affirms the value and importance of the Fund.  Through their efforts, funding is provided that helps thousand of people in need.

Two years ago we were fortunate to bring Liz Brown on as our Auction Coordinator through an innovative arrangement with  MBE-Maggie Brown Events.  Every aspect of this effort has been positive for Heart & Soul.  Together, we have tackled every challenge, and forged ahead with sound logic, good humor, and a fine efficiency.  Prior to Liz we had various coordinators with turnover causing a bit of confusion.  Our data systems are now more robust and we attribute so much of this year's success to the work of Liz Brown.  We are so grateful that Liz and Maggie have stayed with us, and we are looking forward to expanding this role.

The Heart & Soul Fund was established by philanthropically-minded All Souls Church volunteers.  It is an independent 501(c)(3) organizatin, so employers can match donors gifts and foundations can lend support, becasue the purpose of the fund is nonreligious, community program funding.  Our work is relevant and inspirational to so mnay people.  We seek ways to fund programs that help disadvantaged people.  Our website, www.heartandsoulfund.org, beautifully redesigned this year by Heather Floyd, describes the work of Heart & Soul, the grant application process and descriptions of the funded programs.

We thank the hundreds of donors, from those who bought $5 raffle tickets to those who gave several thousand dollars.  The outreach programs accomplish thier service goals becasue of the time and dedication of hundreds of volunteers, and their essential work is sincerely appreciated.

Now, it's time to envision the future.  The needs and challenges never stop.  We are grateful to the talented people who have agreed to join the Heart & Soul Board, Judy Chang, Ashley Garrett, Eric Sivin, and Li Yu.  Together, we will explore ways to assure the sustainability of the Fund with a continuous improvement perspective.  Our 19th Auction will be in February 2008.  Then in 2009 the Heart & Soul Fund will celebrate its twentieth year.  It's an exciting time, and we have assembled a wonderful team for th efuture.

Congratulations and best wishes to all.

C. William Bechman, President,

Heart & Soul Charitable fund, Inc.

200 Park Ave, 14th Floor

New York, NY 10166





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